Instant IT Solutions Inc. "The Missing Piece to Your IT Solution"

Connecting the World to Your Door

To successfully run a business like Instant IT Solutions, we must do many things well - we must create and communicate a vision for the entire company, establish overarching goals and values, establish and execute business strategies, develop products and services that meet the needs of our customers, hire and train employees, solve day-to-day problems, and more. IIS' quality addresses how we should accomplish such tasks. Our Vision: "To be a world-class telecommunications company - the standard by which others are measured." A company's vision statement is the most fundamental expression of how it will grow profitable market share.

Achieving our vision will rely on the successful pursuit of our goals and values. Our desire to be "the standard by which others are measured" implies that we will continually redefine our industry by setting new standards for a telecommunications company's image, products and services, and business practices. Exceptional customer satisfaction occurs when we deliver precisely what the customer expects - more often, it occurs when we "delight" our customers. Delighting a customer can cost very little. Often the personal initiative of an "inspired, innovative and empowered employee" can lead to a delighted customer.